Bet Knesset “Netzach Menashe” is part of Amutat “Simchat Eliyahu” which is a recognized Amutah in Israel. All Israeli checks should be made out to Amutat Simchat Eliyahu and all receipts are valid for tax exemptions under section 46.

If you are interested in US tax exemptions than please make your check out to PEF. Please note that in such cases it may take a few months to receive your receipt.

Click here to make a donation via credit card

For further details please feel free to contact the Treasurer or the Yoshev Rosh.

In addition to standard donations we are looking for donors for the following major items to enhance the Bet Knesset:

Sifrei Torah
Replacement of the doors to the main Bet Knesset (upstairs and downstairs)
Easier access to downstairs toilets for the Disabled and Women
Expansion of the Library
Books for the Library
Spare pairs of Tefillin
White Sefer Torah covers for the Yamim Noraim
Yad (pointer) for Sefer Torah
Neviim on Parchment